Why Malachite Work So Well When Set In Gold

There are a few stones that are as beautiful and richly colored as malachite is, with its deep, luxurious hues of green present in all of its forms. It is instantly recognizable and found in all sorts of different jewelry and has been for thousands of years. However, trying to find the perfect match for this green stone can be a bit difficult, after all, it is such a distinctive color. If you think green is your color and want something to match it with that you can regularly wear, here are a few reasons you should consider a gold malachite ring. 

An Ancient Match

Green and gold have been known to match as colors for thousands of years, and are often found together in drawings of antiquity and in ancient jewelry uncovered. There is just something so complimentary about green and gold that means neither one takes the forefront, but both are given equal footing. In a ring, this is exactly what you want in a statement piece that can go with a more traditional or reserved outfit that most people will wear on a daily basis. The easiest way to prove this is by simply going to your local jeweler and trying on a gold malachite ring, and you will see just how easily it works with virtually any outfit.

More Accessible

One of the main reasons gold malachite rings are so popular in today's world is that high-quality malachite is much easier to find than alternate green gemstones, such as emeralds. You can get a malachite stone that is so beautiful it is hard to look away from for the price of a very average emerald that is rated well below it in every conceivable aesthetic outcome. If you want a stone that looks beautiful and will not cost tens of thousands of dollars, then malachite is a simple and much more than adequate solution.

Care Needed

Sometimes when you get a gemstone that has a very high hardness rating it can be easy to treat your ring a little bit less carefully, forgetting that the gold ring it is set in is much more liable to scrape and get bent out of shape if you are not careful. Malachite is not the strongest or hardest stone in the world (although it certainly isn't the weakest either) so it pairs well with gold because you should be equally as careful of both of them. Malachite can be repaired and polished if damaged, but that is not ideal for your troubles which is why you should be as cautious with it as you are with gold. 

Reach out to a jewelry store to learn more about gold malachite rings.