How To Care For Diamond Jewelry

There are not many things in this world that shine brighter than diamonds. When it comes to diamond jewelry, it is important to know how to properly maintain and care for diamonds so that their luster and sparkle do not fade. In order to properly maintain your diamonds, follow the steps listed below to ensure that they always look their best.

Avoid Handling Your Diamonds

One of the most attractive aspects of diamonds is how difficult they are to break. As the hardest, naturally formed substance found on Earth, diamonds are a symbol of eternity. However, even though diamonds are pretty much indestructible, it is important to avoid touching your diamonds when possible because the natural oils on your skin easily attach to the diamond's surface and are hard to remove. By keeping contact with your diamonds to a minimum, you will reduce the frequency of necessary cleanings and they will stay sparkly for longer. 

Clean Your Diamonds Often

Since it is not possible to avoid contact from external contaminants at all times, it is important to perform a simple cleaning routine once or twice a week and bring your diamond jewelry to a jeweler every 6 months to be deep cleaned by a professional. A professional jeweler will also be able to inspect if any possible repairs need to be done, which is a great preventative measure against losing a diamond due to broken prongs and mountings. Damage to prongs and mountings can happen over time, so it is important to make sure your diamond jewelry is in pristine condition. For weekly home cleanings, use a small amount of mild dish soap with water or a different gentle degreaser you have on hand. A new, soft toothbrush can be used to loosen any dirt or grime. Put this toothbrush in a safe spot and use it solely for cleaning jewelry, such as diamond earrings

Keep Diamonds Safe

Never wear your diamond jewelry while cleaning with chemicals, lifting weights, playing sports, swimming, or performing physical labor. Although diamonds are extremely durable, they can still chip, and the softer metals that make up other parts of the jewelry may be more prone to damage. Always practice caution by removing your jewelry and keeping it in a safe place while doing any activity that could potentially cause injury to it — diamonds can fall out of their setting if they hit something hard.