Gift Ideas For Bridesmaids

Your wedding date is quickly approaching and you still need to pick out gifts for your bridesmaids. Although not required, some of the best gifts are those that can be used by the bridesmaids during the wedding and then still prove useful and enjoyable long after the big day has passed. The following ideas can help inspire you to find the perfect gift.


Perfume is a good option only if you know that your bridesmaids don't have any scent or skin sensitivities. Opt for a light floral scent so the fragrance doesn't contrast or overpower the scent of your wedding flowers. Present the gifts the day before the wedding so that your bridesmaids have the option of wearing it on the day of the wedding. If you wait to give it to them while everyone is getting ready on your wedding morning, they may have already applied a different scent.

Skin Care Baskets

Gift baskets filled with spa-quality skin care items, including lotions, soaps, masks, and various creams, can be a welcome gift. You can even combine this with an actual spa day for your ladies to prepare for your wedding, and then finish it off with presenting them each with their basket of goodies from the spa. Another similar option is to take everyone for manicures and pedicures, and then provide them with manicure baskets stocked with pretty polishes and other treats for them to enjoy even after the wedding is long past.


Another useful gift that can be used the wedding day and beyond is a nice handbag or clutch. Choose one that complements the bridesmaids dresses but that is in a classic style and color so that they can continue to enjoy it for other events even after the wedding is over. You can tuck a small thank-you card with some personal thoughts for each recipient into the bag.


One of the best options is a signature jewelry piece that will remind your bridesmaids of your wedding day each time they wear it. This can be a necklace, bracelet or earrings. For example, small studs or simple teardrop earrings with a semi-precious stone or crystal in the same color as your wedding colors will make a lovely gift that they can wear the day of the wedding, but it is also a classic style that they can continue to wear for years to come. Opt for real gold or silver when choosing jewelry gifts, since some people are sensitive to other metals. Talk with a company like Rinehart Brothers Jewelers to find a great piece.