And Now For Something Different: Lesser-Known Gems You Should Incorporate Into Your Jewelry

When attempting to build the perfect bit of jewelry, the stone (or stones) that you choose to accent it is one of the most important decisions you have to make. But if you're tired of the traditional birthstone gems (garnet, diamond, ruby, topaz, etc.), it can be hard (and totally frustrating) to find lesser-known stones to incorporate in your jewelry. So if you're looking to find some stones that aren't as famous or well known but are gorgeous in their own right, then here are a few suggestions for your next piece of jewelry.


Though the name sounds like a popular type of dog breed, labradorite is actually named after the Canadian Labrador Peninsula, and is a gorgeous, if lesser known, stone that would make any piece of jewelry better. Labradorite, in its polished form, is usually blue or blue-green, sometimes with a touch of amber, and has black threads (almost like tree branches) across it. As far as crystal mythology goes, labradorite is supposed to provide clarity to your life and get rid of pent-up stress within your body.


This fascinating gem comes in yellow, orange green, or even brown and is the most durable stone on this list, which makes it a good choice if your jewelry tends to get knocked around a lot. It also comes in many varieties, with alexandrite (a stone that changes from green-blue in natural light to pink or red in artificial light) and cat's eye (a gem that comes in most colors but whose distinctive feature is a band of light across the center of the stone) being the most popular. Thought to bring luck to the wearer and to improve self-confidence, chrysoberyl is a great choice for any piece of jewelry.


Ranging from a bright orange to a deep red, spessartine is a lesser-known member of the garnet family that can be found everywhere -- from India, to Madagascar, to even the United States. Spessartine is nicknamed the "garnet of the sun" for its distinct hue and is thought to drive away nightmares with its bright and sunny color and even help your digestive system to work more smoothly.


Some of these stones might be hard to find in your area, but the internet is a good way to find these stones and have them shipped to you – or you might even find a piece of already made jewelry you love and can have delivered to your door. If you need help, your local jewelers can help you locate stones or pieces you need.

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