3 Coins That Will Make You Take A Look At Both Sides Of Your Coins

Every dog has its day and every coin has its phrase, which is why you never want to take a wooden nickel. What you may want to do is take a better look at both sides of your coins. Nickels for example, can look similar, but may have features that set them apart in terms of value. Here are some coins that you may want to have in your collection that may pay to take a better look at both sides:

1. Identifying The Different Types Of Liberty Head Nickels

There are many different types of nickels and some of them have slight differences that you may not notice by just looking at them. Liberty head nickels are a great coin to collect that have many variations throughout the years that they were made. When some of these coins were struck, the design did not include 'CENTS'. These coins can be an interesting addition to your collection but may not be as valuable as the rarest Liberty Head Nickels.The Liberty Head Nickels feature a Liberty Head on the heads side and a 'V' on the tails side of the coin. This is why they are also sometimes referred to as 'V Nickels'.

2. Pinch A Penny And Look For Coins That Are Worth A Few Cents

Nickels are not the only coins that you may want to take a better look at. There are also a few cents that can be worth a pretty penny.  Steel and copper-alloy pennies from the War Time era are worth thousands. There are also many double-die pennies that can be worth a red cent or Indian Head and Wheat pennies that can be valuable to any collector.

3. Stop Nickel And Diming And Look For Coins With A Silver Bounty

If you have a handful of nickels and dimes in your pockets, you may want to take them out to look what silver they may have in them. Some nickels from World War II are pure silver and can be very valuable.  Many of the coins that wear minted before the 1960's have a high silver content that makes them valuable. Some of these coins you may even get back as change from a shop keeper, which is why it pays to take a good look at the coins in your pocket. You may even want to sell the coins for their weight in precious metal.

These are some coins that you will want to take a closer look at before you spend your pocket change. If you want to add some of these precious coins to your collection, contact gold buyer, like Ed's Coins, and talk with them about the coins you are ready to sell or get help assessing their value.