3 Ways To Get Money For Your Major House Repair

Does your house need a major repair as soon as possible? Is the roof leaking? Or perhaps you have sewer line damage? Houses can suffer any number of expensive types of damage. Sometimes those forms of damage require immediate repair or else you risk even more damage in other areas of your home. However, getting your home repaired quickly could be difficult if you don't have the money on hand cover the work. Even if insurance covers the damage, you may not get a check for weeks, which may be well after the repairs are done. Here are three ways to raise quick cash for your home:

Sell some assets. Now may be the perfect time to clean out your closets and other storage areas to find assets that you don't use anymore. Chances are good that you can find ways to sell them quickly and get immediate value. For instance, you can hold a garage sale or post them for sale on a local classified website. If you have a lot of clothing, you can take it to a local consignment or resale store for fast cash.

Pawn shops are great resale locations for big-ticket items, like electronics, power tools, and musical instruments. And if you have jewelry, you'll likely want to take it to a jewelry store, as they'll be able to recognize the value of the jewelry and pay you accordingly. To sell your jewelry, consider a shop such as Sol's Jewelry & Loan.

Find quick work. One of the great things about today's digitally connected world is that it's not hard to find immediate work if you need it. Look online at your local classified website and there should be a section where people are looking for help. Some of the jobs may be suited for particular skills, but others may be for general labor. Many will pay cash for jobs with quick turnaround times.

You can also look online at some of the major ride-sharing companies. As long as you have a car and the service is available in your area, you can be out on the road making money within a couple of days. There are similar sites for basic tasks, where you may be able to get jobs doing basic chores like running errands, doing yard work, or even helping someone move. Do a little bit of research and you can likely find quick work that pays cash today.

Get a personal loan. Maybe you have a steady source of income and the ability to pay back a loan, but you don't have a big chunk of money to pay for the repair upfront. One solution may be to get a personal loan. Many payday lending companies offer personal loans for up to several thousand dollars. Often, all you need to get the loan is a paying job. You get the money you need for the repair and you can pay it back on a manageable schedule. There are also many lenders online that offer similar loans.

For more information, contact a personal loan provider. They can help you find the right loan and repayment schedule for your need and budget.