Two Tips For Caring For Moldavite Jewelry

Moldavite jewelry is a popular choice for those that enjoy gemstones with dark earthy colors. However, this type of jewelry is particularly delicate, which means that it will require special care to keep it in good condition. If you have never owned this type of jewelry, you may not know what this will entail, but following these two tips should help you to avoid some common sources of damage to your moldavite items. 

Avoid Strong Jewelry Cleaning Solutions

Over time, your jewelry will likely start to develop a dull layer of dust and grime on its exterior. Due to this, you will need to clean the jewelry to ensure it is always looking its best. Unfortunately, there are some people that will make the mistake of using harsh cleaning solutions. These solutions can discolor the moldavite or even cause it to crack. 

To avoid causing this type of damage to your jewelry, you should only use a gentle soap when cleaning this jewelry. Dish soap is an excellent option for this task, but make sure that you thoroughly rinse the jewelry to avoid leaving a soapy film on it. 

Have A Separate Area For Your Moldavite Jewelry

In addition to being susceptible to being damaged by harsh cleaners, your moldavite is also a relatively soft stone. This means that is can be prone to scratches, dents or chips if it bangs into diamonds or other hard stones. Unfortunately, this damage cannot be repaired, and it can permanently ruin your moldavite items. 

Mitigating this type of damage will require you storing these items in a separate area from your other jewelry. If you do not have a separate box to store these items, you will need to wrap them to prevent this type of damage from occurring. When you use cotton for this task, you may find that small strands of thread become trapped in your piece of jewelry. You can reduce this problem by using a microfiber or velvet cloth. 

Moldavite is a popular gemstone for jewelry, but you may not be familiar with how to care for it. If you make the mistake of using a harsh cleaning agent or store the moldavite with pieces of jewelry that can damage it, you may find that you will drastically reduce the lifespan of these items. Luckily, following these tips will help you to avoid these potential threats to your jewelry.