Reasons To Take Your Antique Watch To A Professional Repair Shop

Have you recently inherited an expensive watch that has stopped running? Are you trying to decide if you should have it fixed, or just stash it away for later? Here are some reasons you should consider having your watch evaluated by a repair expert: 

Needs just a simple fix: Some older watches require regular cleaning or else body oils, sweat, and dirt fill up the inside movement and clog up the works. If this is the case, having a thorough cleaning performed by a repair expert can make your watch run like new again. It'll get taken apart completely, every piece inspected for damage, and all traces of grime will be carefully removed. Then they'll oil it, re-assemble it, and test it to make sure it runs properly. A good repair shop will offer a warranty that guarantees the repairs and cleaning that they performed.

Establish its age: A repair expert can verify your family's lore about the age of the watch. They may not be able to prove that your great-great-grandfather bought it in France during World War I, but they can check to see if the age correlates with the appropriate dates. By opening the watch and checking the serial numbers, they can give you a written verification of the date of manufacture. Armed with that information, you may even be able to track down exactly which shop originally sold the watch.

Prevent further damage: Although some old watches were marked "water-proof" on the back, many of them may still allow moisture to seep in through its miniature crevices. The gaskets and seals wear out over time. If these are not replaced, not only will water be allowed in but also the fragments of the seals could serve as "dams" that help to trap any water inside the watch. If the watch was exposed to moisture in the past, then rust could be corroding the movement. Even something as simple as high humidity could cause condensation and moisture buildup within the watch. Delaying any repairs could allow the rust to flourish and create more damage. 

Accurate valuation: Your insurance company will be hesitant to insure your watch for its replacement value unless it's in working condition. Once your watch is working properly, you'll be able to obtain a better idea of its worth. You may even want to obtain a written professional appraisal for your records. Your watch could be worth significantly more than you were expecting, making it important with your insurance company.

Preserving family history: You may think that it's unfashionable to wear a watch. Or you might prefer to use your smart phone as a timepiece. But consider how future generations will regard your heirloom watch. By having the watch repaired and serviced on a regular basis, you'll be able to pass the watch on to your descendants. 

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