Preventing And Repairing Damage To Your Rings

Whether it's a brand new ring or a family heirloom passed down to another generation, you want your fine jewelry to look good for as long as you own it. Since they are worn on the hands, rings experience a lot of daily wear and tear. Monitoring them for damage can help you spot the beginnings of trouble before damage occurs or you lose a stone.

Inspect After Each Wear

Lose settings are the biggest concern on most rings, followed by chipped or damaged stones. Look over the ring after each wearing. Pay special attention to the setting to make sure all prongs are in place and that the stone isn't loose.

If it's a ring you rarely take off, such as a wedding band or engagement ring, make sure you give it a full inspection every week or two. Spotting trouble early is the surest way to ensure your jeweler can repair the damage.

Make Sure It Fits

A loose ring can quickly become a lost ring. The band can also become bent or damaged, which weakens the gold. If your ring hasn't been fitting well, take it into your jeweler to be resized. In most cases, the jeweler can size a ring down. Sizing up, which makes the ring larger, is dependent on the design and the thickness of the band. For rings that aren't easily resized, you can ask about reusing the stones and recasting the metal into a new band that will fit your hand better.

Wear It Wisely

Although rings are meant to be worn and enjoyed, it's vital that you wear them wisely. Don't wear rings in swimming pools, when bathing, or when doing the dishes. You are increases the chances of both loss and damage. Also, take off the rings when using bleach and other harsh chemicals that can damage metal or stone.

Clean your jewelry at home with a polishing cloth and jewelry cleaner once weekly, if you wear the ring often. Bring it in to a jeweler for a deep cleaning periodically to make sure there's no dirt within thee setting.

Plan for the Future

Many fine jewelers offer service plans, which can help mitigate the cost of maintaining and repairing your jewelry. It can be well worth it to consider purchasing these plans, depending on how hard you are on your jewelery. These plans come at a one-time cost, so it is truly a purchase and forget about it option that gives the peace of mind of knowing your jewelry will be properly maintained.

Your rings can last a lifetime if you are both proactive in repairs and meticulous in care. Your jeweler at places like Mollie B Distinctively Different Fine Jewelry can help you pick a ring that fits your lifestyle and desires, which will further prevent damage down the road.