3 Types Of Custom Jewelry Pieces That Your Wife Will Love

The one thing that can make a piece of jewelry even more appealing to a woman is if it is customized. Getting a custom piece of jewelry for your wife will not only show that you love her enough to get her jewelry, it also lets her know that you took time to keep her individual tastes in mind as you did so. This article will discuss 3 types of custom jewelry pieces that your wife will love. 

Pieces With Her Birthstone In Them

Whether it is a ring, a pair of earrings, a bracelet, or a necklace, placing your wife's birthstone in it will make it to incredibly special to her. This piece will be personalized just for her because it includes the beautiful stone of the month that she was born in. You can also go even further and choose between silver, gold, white gold, and rose gold for the chain or band, depending on what her favorite is. Lastly, you can customize the shape of the stone into a heart, oval, square, or whatever shape you think she will love the most. This piece of jewelry will be designed for her from top to bottom, and she will love it because of that.

Engraved Rings

If you want to let your wife know just how much she means to you, but if you aren't the best with words, then an engraved ring is a wonderful custom piece of jewelry to get for her. On the inside of the ring's band, you can have whatever you would like engraved inside. This can be something as simple as "I love you", or something more personalized like "You are my everything...", with your wife's name written at the end of the sentence. Your wife will love reading these words each time that she puts on and takes off her ring, because it will remind her of how much you truly love and care about her.

 A Locket

A locket is a wonderful piece of jewelry to personalize because it can be personalized in so many different ways. You can start off by designing the locket itself, and adding custom designs, quotes, and initials to the outside of it. You can choose a perfect chain for the locket, and then you can then customize it even more by adding a beautiful picture of you and your wife inside of the locket. Your wife can then wear this locket next to her heart, which will symbolize how she keeps your and the relationship that you have close to her heart.

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