Engagement Rings: Not Just For Women Anymore

One trend that keeps trying to make an appearance in the United States is the male engagement ring.  Often referred to as the "mangagement" ring, the movement to popularize this idea has been hit or miss.  Surprisingly, this is not just a recent ploy by the jewelry stores to get more money from consumers.  The idea for male engagement rings in the United States actually dates back to the Roaring Twenties.  It just never took off. 

What is a "mangagement" ring?

A male engagement ring doesn't look like a female engagement ring.  It doesn't usually consist of a large rock or a ton of bling, although it certainly can if that suits the guy's taste.  These rings are typically very simple, like a wedding band might be.  They can be a solid band made out of a metal.  They might have an engraved design or small diamonds. 

These rings serve the same purpose a female engagement ring does.  They show commitment to another person prior to marriage.  At the wedding ceremony, the man can either remove the engagement ring, layer it with the wedding band, or switch it to the right hand. 

What are some reasons a guy would wear an engagement ring?

  • The woman proposed with it Women taking the wheel and proposing is becoming more common.  Proposing empty handed can be anti-climactic, so having something physical (like a ring) makes it seem a little more real to both parties.
  • Marriages are becoming more equal In the majority of marriages, both partners are sharing domestic responsibilities more equally.  Many homes have two incomes, and the number of single income families with just a working female are rising.  So why should the female be the only one to get an engagement ring? 
  • It isn't a new thing in some cultures Diversity is one of the things that makes the United States beautiful.  The mutual exchange of engagement rings isn't a new thing in some places, including some South American countries.  This tradition is carrying over to North America.  Michael Buble, a popular singer, wore an engagement ring prior to his marriage to his Argentinian wife.
  • The rise of same-sex marriage The legalization of same-sex marriage in some of the states has created demand for engagement rings for men.  More men will start to sport these rings, which will increase the supply of the rings in jewelry stores.  With the increased exposure and a greater number of rings available, the male engagement ring might stay the map instead of fading away like it has in the past. 

Male engagement rings are not the norm in the United States.  Increasing numbers of men are opting to wear them, and even more men say they would be willing to wear one if presented with one.  A male engagement ring does not take a man's masculinity away, but it can contribute to the equality of women and men in the United States. Talk to experts like Vernon Jewelers for more information.