3 Presents You Should Pick Out At The Pawn Shop

If you're short on cash, a gift-giving occasion can be a huge hassle. Even if you're financially comfortable, Christmas shopping or an important birthday in the family can put a strain on your monthly finances. If you can save some money on presents, why wouldn't you? Many people are squeamish about buying used items for presents, but you shouldn't be. Here are a few gift items that you should definitely be buying at your local pawn shop.


Looking for a birthday present for your mother or an anniversary present for your spouse? Jewelry is appreciated by almost everyone – it's hard to go wrong with a diamond pendant or an emerald bracelet. And if there's anything that you should definitely not worry about buying used, it's jewelry.

Even when you buy jewelry from a jeweler, there's a good chance that it's "used" in some way. The stones may have been removed from one setting and placed into another, or the metal may have been melted down and reshaped into its current form. The main difference between buying jewelry from a jeweler and buying it from a reputable pawn shop is cost. You'll pay a lot less at the pawn shop, but the value of the jewelry won't be any lower because it's been worn before. In fact, if the piece has an interesting history that can be verified, your pre-owned jewelry may actually be worth more.

Video Games

Are your kids insisting on the latest computer or console game for their birthdays or for Christmas? Video games are expensive, so this is a request that makes many parents cringe. However, you don't have to pay the retail price for that game – in many cases, you can find it at the pawn shop at a deep discount.

You won't be able to get a new game on opening day at a pawn shop, but often you don't have to wait long for the latest craze to hit the shelves. Some of those people that are standing in line for the game on launch day are going to quickly beat the game or just decide they don't like it. When that happens, they recoup some of their money by selling it to a pawn shop. And that means that you can buy that game your kid has been asking for without breaking the bank.

Sports Equipment

Need to buy a gift for your father-in-law the golf nut? Or for your sister, whose main hobby is tennis? You've come to the right place. Sports equipment is expensive, which is why you may be hesitant to buy a present that relates to this hobby.

However, often you can find high quality used sports equipment at a great price in pawn shops. You'll have access to the same brand names that you'd find at big sporting goods stores, for a fraction of the cost. Just take the time to make sure that the racket or club that you're picking out is in good shape.

Don't stress about the cost of gifts – find ways to reduce your costs instead. A trip to your local pawnshop can make gift-buying a lot less painful. You can learn more by talking to companies like Desert Jewelry Mart & Coins.